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    65 photos of the southern Olympic Park I probably wasn't supposed to take most of them

  2. You have to invest in the necessary equipment: 1) scooter 2) trampoline 3) slide 4) solid concrete, head for the bouncing off

  3. Deliberately kept him awake all day for that reason. If he looked like nodding off he went back on the trampoline

  4. Two mile walk, two hours on the trampoline, a couple of reasonably serious injuries and he fell asleep on me at 8:20.

  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I might write it for him.

  6. The first Mayoral meeting with Noris, that famous admirer of everything French, left wing and women doing mens’ jobs?

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    The German word for bee is 'hundasmonsterenstein'.

  8. I look forward to being arrested for placing the order online

  9. Why don’t you just leave a big shit on the doorstep of Red State America while you’re at it?

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    Socialists win in Paris 54,5% to 45,5%, Green wins in Grenoble, National Front take 7 towns including Beziers and UMP set to gain 100 towns

  11. People deserted my crime ridden, unhealthy inner city. So I built a relief road through to the docks

  12. Might have to supply a few home truths to Mr. Goldacre.

  13. Just watched BA25 to Hong Kong struggle ponderously into the air in the distance. Subjectively not as noisy as an A320, which howl a bit.

  14. Judge also drops a heavy hint Lambeth should reconsider granting permission.

  15. Also well worth reading that recent judgement in favour of DCLG over Elizabeth House. Savage attack on Pickles

  16. Lots of ‘bloody council, let’s petition Noris, he’ll stop it, we voted for him’ followed by Lister approving it

  17. Perception of paying absolutely no heed to local concerns. Seen locally at Brentford and Acton recently.

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