1. Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to be next NATO chief

  2. No, not true. UK's way of life is not that unique, many share "your" sensibilities. But: if you want to leave, just do it.

  3. yes, dont disagree with that. But "we have some ideas for change - implement it or we leave" is not how it should be done.

  4. What the UK elite does not understand: Other MS are open to EU reform but they don't want to be blackmailed by the UK's in/out referendum.

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    Cameron’s reality check on Europe Michael Emerson is upbeat that Cameron's demands can be met.

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    If you read a headline suggesting supports 's strategy or something to that effect, don't bother reading the article!

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    No editor could hear anything more thrilling> that quote is like a medal for

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    Of course. And not less either. RT : Why we should stop using the term “More Europe"

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    Shorter advice to Clegg: "don't try to use truth when arguing with liars; just dredge up anecdotes"

  11. Farage’s hatred of the EU is extreme, he is an anti-EU fanatic & not a cheery voice of good sense, from down the pub

  12. I'm happy I missed . But press reaction & snap poll shows dire state of EU debate in UK: Facts don't matter anymore.

  13. thx. I think there is still a difference between Luecke's AfD vision (mainstream, not a single issue party) & party grassroots.

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