1. Job advertisers actually calling me in for interviews before my money runs out is a bigger motivator :(

  2. Typical, Microsoft is always following Apple. /fanboyrant

  3. Greta, just as I was about to sit down and start firing of CVs for more jobs, all the energy just vanished.

  4. Nothing wrong with having a wide taste in food/drink. I munch the occasional Mcdonalds as a greasy perverse treat.

  5. Not sure where you are, but I never said there was a technical difficulty -- it's all about an emotion to keep Sunday special.

  6. Based on what I saw in Sainsbury's just now, it's Happy Emergency Purchases of Cut-Flowers Day again.

  7. Our main oven used to be like that at times, until I turned the power off to clean it, which wiped the clock settings.

  8. Offset by fewer accidents on a certain Sunday in 6 months time?

  9. RT : Much excitement! New jetty revealed at - maybe Tudor?

  10. Retweeted by

    King Edward Vll's Coronation, Dean Stolon Parade, 1902

  11. Time for another Saphire and Steel episode. The faceless man.

  12. Guestimating 3,000 people in the building and €3 a pint, that's still only one pint every other day.

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