Stage 4.7

@EUmonolit’s interest in the issue has been piqued by the invite, and she starts to tweet intensively about the issue.

864f9fb8e99d909e5e5fbbc6870714ba_biggerI wonder why they builtĀ #BubbleLift? It’s integration with the rest of Dean Stolon’s transport remains poor. Seems odd.

864f9fb8e99d909e5e5fbbc6870714ba_biggerWhy is the EU actually investing inĀ #BubbleLift anyway? It’s not as if this is a poor region of the EU!

She even tweets @NorisWatch about it:

864f9fb8e99d909e5e5fbbc6870714ba_bigger@NorisWatch I’ve been invited to the #BubbleLift launch – what should I be asking them?

This draws the following response:

Noris_Watch_bigger@EUmonolit There’s something odd with it. I can’t understand why Commissioner Huhn is backing Ponston’s pet project. Get to the bottom of it!

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