Stage 4.6

Twitter discussion about the BubbleLift proceeds apace, and allegations of wrongdoing in the bidding process for EU money bounce back and forth between @NorisWatch and @NorisTAdvisor, the mayor’s transport advisor:

3769gke5_bigger@NorisWatch look, we respected all the rules set by @EU_Regional. What’s your problem really? #BubbleLift

Noris_Watch_bigger@NorisTAdvisor I just dislike @EU_Regional boosting Noris’s pet project! #BubbleLift I smell a rat here somewhere.

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Your result: Precarious. You have not yet shaped the EU debate to your advantage, and by trying to reach out to @NorisWatch you have potentially inflamed an already complicated situation. However by being fair and honest in your online engagement you may have won some friends, and protected the Commission’s reputation a little.