Stage 4.2

Your positive and open approach is welcomed by @BrianVisits, and the dialogue continues up until the launch event. He even tweets to the Commissioner saying he is looking forward to the Commissioner’s visit for the full launch of the #BubbleLift:

1847e14f9e3efb900e559742fdd722e1_biggerGood visit to #BubbleLift today. Looking forward to Commissioner @JonasHuhn‘s visit for the official launch!

Some users joined the Twitter discussion and were critical of the European Union for having part-funded such a controversial project, but the solid reputation of @BrianVisits helps you to keep the discussion narrow and focused on the project itself, not the wider politics.

YOUR RESULT: Good. The Commissioner is happy to see the tweet, and you have reached a small but not insignificant new audience and helped out an influential blogger.